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Low Rev Engine 'tick'

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I just got a J Reg MR2 G-LIMITED with 100k on the clock...Its My first MR2

I have noticed on low revs up to about 2k revs that there is a quite noisy 'Ticking' from the engine, sounds a bit like a dodgy CV joint

(Click,Click,click etc) but it isnt that cause straight line etc. Its only at low revs as once hit the 'powerband' the engine roars into life.

To be honest I havent really drove it more than a few miles, so cant say if ticking returns after being on the road a bit..

Theres seeems to be no loss of power, as the car is nice and fast and makes a great sound...

I cant see any records of services so I am gonna change Oil and filter, air filter,Plugs,,etc.

I dont know when cambelt was done... gonna get it done anyways

For an 18 Year old car with 100k on the clock it is suprisingly problem free just that 'ticking' sound..

If that clicking is a known issue be great if somebody could explain what it is... Might be something simple like a cable whatever hitting a spinning fan or whatever inside... will check in daylight..

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could it be the injectors? if so, then it's pretty normal. Unless you can hear them from in the car. You normally have to have your head in the engine to hear them.

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