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How Good Is Bluetooth Audio? (Re: Iphone/ipod Car Integration Options)


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I'm purchasing a new 2011 Toyota RAV4 and I'd like to connect my iPhone to it...

My options for iPhone/iPod integration are:

1) bluetooth via BluLogic adapter ($299)

2) Toyota iPod Integration Kit ($299?)

3) Use built-in auxiliary jack (free)

I don't have a problem spending the $299 but I can't purchase BOTH the bluetooth adapter and integration kit.

Which do you think is the best option?

How is the iPhone bluetooth audio quality compared to direct-connection?

The bad thing about the Toyota iPod integration is that the iPhone goes in the glove compartment so you can't really use hands-free while it's in there, etc. Also, if I ever decide to switch to an Android phone or something then the iPod kit will be worthless...

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If its comes with a usb port, then can't you use that to link the i-pod?

I've just fitted a new head unit to number 2 but haven't tried the bluetooth or i-pod yet. But the whole thing cost me less than £400 !!

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You are more than welcome to TOC, but for the US based RAVs you might get a better response over at


rather than TOC which is mostly Limey/European based.

For the current European production RAV, I understand that the headunit (radio) already supports bluetooth telephone dialing/answering (hands free profile - HFP) as standard. It wasn't standard before about 2009. I'm told it doesn't do audio streaming.

I also understand that the standard European and US radios are cosmetically identical (although I haven't seen a US one for real), but looking on www.toyota.com, it looks like you don't get HFP as standard in the US.

For audio streaming (bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP profiles) the optional satnav in Europe, does support both A2DP and HFP, but I believe

the optional sat nav in the US is a different unit to the European one.

The optional ipod adapter in Europe (cable attachment to ipod not bluetooth), is just that I believe. It plays music, but I don't believe it supports handsfree phone calls. I expect the US one is similar.

I have the european sat nav and the audio streaming is fine. OK, it is never going to sound like a high end music system due to the lossy compression involved over bluetooth, but I think it is good enough.

So, to answer your question, for me, I would think the blueLogic system would be the better bet, (but that is only based on looking at the website for 30 seconds) as it does both streaming and phoning for the price of one.

Is there anywhere where you can actually try both adapters before deciding?

I'd check out rav4world though. You might get responses with actual experience of both adapters.

Enjoy the new RAV!

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