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Is Your Power Lag Bad? (D4D 2.0 2007)


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hi all,

So i read about the EGR valve issue recently on this forum, my Auris was smokin real bad and not a lot of low rev power. So I took it to Toyota and they cleaned the valve up for me. The smoke is less, but I still feel the low rev power is useless to a point of actually being dangerous at roundabouts, etc. I was hoping the valve clean up would solve the problem but its still not really acceptable. Does anyone have any ideas as to what other things may be causing the issue? It still seems to smoke more than it should aswell, but difficult to say if its normal or not.


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I had the same issue last week on my SR180. Took it back to Toyota dealership and they diagnosed the EGR valve was stuck in the open position. It is only supposed to be open when the Turbo is on boost. As the EGR failed to close when the turbo isn't running, generally below 1800-2000RPM it left the engine with next to no power and experienced the same problems as you're finding.

I guess cleaning the EGR was not enough and it needs replacing.

This should be covered if your car is still under warranty, otherwise you could follow the cleaning procedure on this forum and replace the valve yourself.

Hope that is helpful...

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I removed my EGR yesterday and cleaned it up.

The car has only done 15,600 miles, so you can see how quickly they become blocked.



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Thanks for the replies, I think i'll have a look at the EGR myself and see if anything looks dodgy.

I found another topic in here and someone cleaned theirs and had loads of smoke still, then they cleaned again and found something wasnt seating properly, which then rectified the problem.

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Its not just the valve you clean you also need to do the inlet manifold where the valve sits as well, take a look at my guide in the pinned section ;)

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It’s a 2.2 180T diesel if you drop below 1500 revs it hits a dead spot

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