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Massive Thanks To Kingo


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I'd just like to say a massive thanks to Kingo for the excellent service at Lindop brothers (Queensferry) this afternoon.

I had originally arranged to purchase a kit in December after pay day, but being the impatient type i decided that i wanted one today, so i gave Kingo a quick call and he said he had one in stock and would be free after 1pm for me to collect, so i jumped in the car and headed straight over.

Kingo was in the dealers a couple of mins after 1pm, holding a tuning kit in his hand and greeted me with a friendly smile and handshake, and proceeded to give me some info on the kit and how to fit it etc.

We chatted for a good 15 mins and i left the dealers feeling confident that i had bought a good quality item, and the aftercare would be there if and when it would be needed.

Being impatient i decided to fit it on the forecourt, after all, if i was going to mess it up i was in the best place to get things put right, so the bonnet went up, the covers came off and the kit was installed in roughly 8-10 mins. This was a very easy job and only required a 10mm spanner and some common sense.

So, time for the test drive on the way home....

First impressions were good. The car has become more responsive and feels like the flat spots have been surgically removed and replaced with eagerness. Town driving feels the same, yet better.

Its hard to explain, but the car behaves in a standard fashion, but with more urgency.

Mid range is where this box is most noticeable. Putting your foot down from a gentle coast at steady speeds results in a big surge in the lower back, and the car lunges forward with more agility. The power is delivered as smoothly as any custom remap i have had on previous cars, and seems to continue as far as the red line with hardly any power drop.

I've done aprox 150 miles so far with the box fitted, and it seems to be getting better. Overtaking has become effortless and quite honestly, fun!

I know its early days as the box was only fitted a few hours ago, but i'm very impressed with the feel of the engine and would be happy to recommend one to anyone.

If anyone in my area (Oxford or Wrexham) is considering getting one and would like to see how mine drives as a comparison, then feel free to get in touch.

Cheers Kingo, another happy customer!


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when I ordered some parts from the Pie-man, he had Royal mail come out on a Sunday to deliver them specially!!!!

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I have ordered one Friday and should be here Monday but can you tell me how your MPG seems to be different now? (and I now you have given it a little stick)

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Id love to be able to give you an idea of MPG difference, but i only collected my car at 9am yesterday, and had a tuning box fitted by 13.30!

So although i can tell a difference in power, i have no idea if MPG will have improved as its only done 210 miles in my ownership!

I will say, that the previous MPG average was reading 38mpg when i collected it, but after i reset it at fill up i now have 44.8.

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Ooh Fanks :blush: :blush:

If you get used to the extra torque you have and keep the revs down you will see an improvement, if you are heavy with your right foot and use the new found power you wont get an improvement on MPG but will have a huge smile on your face :lol:

Thanks Daveyonthemove, you are most welcome. I might post this thread to all the doubters ;)

Bothwell Buyer, only you get the Sunday delivery treatment sssshhh don't tell everyone!

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Had one of Kingo's boxes on my T180 since about Feb this year. His customer service is second to none!

Out of interest, I'm well past the 'novelty phase' now :yes: I can say that fuel consumption has stayed roughly the same as pre-fitment. I recently dissconnected it just to see what it was like without it, and reconnected it again !Removed! quick!

It's been a superb upgrade and I've never regreted it, (the insurance premium only increased by a few quid too).

Worth every penny...!

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auris d4d 1.4 mmt would you reccomend thid box for this car as i d prefer the remap route

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I couldn't comment on the box for that car, as i have never driven one with that engine, and i think the boxes are different.

Try asking in a new thread so people with that car or tuning box have a better chance of seeing your question and responding.

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A bit of an update on this:

My first tank of fuel averaged 41.4mpg and was mostly driven over A roads and Motorway with very few miles done in town.

This seemed a bit low, so i decided to clean the EGR and reset the ECU, as the previous owner had only clocked 15,500 miles in 30 months, and from what the dealer told me ( i know him personally) the previous owner was only doing aprox 5 miles a day in it.

The average was reading 37mpg when i collected it, so this would hint to me that it had been done on short journeys and probably never run to full temp, and the ECU would have adapted to this style of driving.

So, following on from an ECU reset, and 170 miles of driving the same roads, the average now reads 47.4mpg.

Obviously this could change as the weather gets colder and the fuel is used up, but it looks promising.

So anyone wanting to try and improve MPG without spending a penny might want to try an ECU reset and see if it helps.


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  • 1 month later...

Hi Chris,

Yes by all means. I had planned to update this thread and had forgotten, so thanks for the reminder.

I have now covered aprox 2500 miles and so far the car has not missed a beat.

The extra power is still rewarding when you put your foot down and get the surge of torque, and the car is still driving as standard when pootling through town, so driveability is excellent.

I have removed the box and replaced it with a 'blanking cap' for a trip to the dealer, and that was simple enough and the car drove as it should.

I have been getting excellent MPG recently (better than most on this forum anyway) after changing to Vpower, so i can't claim that the tuning box is the reason behind this, but coupled together they seem to be returning fair MPG at cruising speeds.

Over all i'm impressed with the box and would happily recommend it to anyone considering one.


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