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Auris 1.6Vvti - What Should I Be Aware Of?


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At the 11th hour of buying a used (2008/57 plate) Toyota Auris 1.6VVTI manual petrol from a main Toyota dealer.

Is there anything I should be aware of?

Chain-driven? Does the 1.6 have a thirst for oil a la 1.8VVTI that I used to have?

In addition, positive experiences etc? Its a low-miler, one owner car as I will be doing circa 15k miles a year so wanted something reliable, smooth and well.....hassle-free!

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get in a habit of often oil checks as some engines can burn quite a lot. Check if all recalls have been done on the car. There are many owners with steering column issues. Dealers will not replace (or find the problem) unless you push for it as it is difficult to detect from driver's perspective.

If you hear squeak during gear selection that is another common issue but fix is easy.

Check driver/ passenger seats for excessive wear and movement.

List of issues with my Auris is much longer but most of them are not model specific.

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Ta, on the oil-consumption side (looking through this site using search function) it does seem to affect pre 2003 cars.

However that could just mean the older the car the higher the wear etc but then you'd think by 2008 Toyota would have redesigned heads etc on the engine to counter oil consumption????

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Previous VVT-i engines had some design issues so the high oil consumption. That was probably sorted but VVT-i is oil "powered" solution. Most car manufacturers limit is 1 litre/1000 km. Your car may be fine but I would still keep an eye on it. My Auris, with 25k on the clock, needs top ups.

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my auris with 27k on the clock has not used a drop of oil in the 5 months ive owned it

check the steering for a slight clicking noise when engine is running , mine made this noise when car was stationary and at very low speed , ie when parking(when turning the wheel left and right)also squeaky brakes,clutch(had the bell housing taken out to resolve this one)and squeaky gear change, all fixed under warranty,also managed to get a free mot(when due next year) by complaining to the general manager at the dealer where i bought the car(used approved)

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