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Celica St185 Rc Turbo Info?have Pics


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hey people have some pics here of my ct26 turbo from my st185rc..ive noticed some markings on the turbo wich ive not seen on other gt4s anyone have any idea?? turbo pulls strong for standard boost car is from japan...just had head gasket replaced covered 200miles since car drives very well.Does lag litle bit at lower revs in high gears then before after 5k the car is a beast.i used a steel head gasket 1mm thick anything to do with compression??ive noticed wen ive spooled the turbo up to 0 on the standard gauge the revs held at 2k second gear and suddennly put my foot down the car gos like a rocket but without doing any of that and flooring it suddenly car doesnt feel as quick is this normal any way around this...

post-73832-071191700 1290826534_thumb.jp

post-73832-006902700 1290826556_thumb.jp

post-73832-030029300 1290826563_thumb.jp

post-73832-034116100 1290826569_thumb.jp

post-73832-036282100 1290826577_thumb.jp

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looks like just a casting mould number. i have seen similar, un sure of the reasons for the performance thing, may just be that because you hold it at 2k rpm the turbo is spooled up and boosts quicker no way around it im afraid without spending a fortune.

worth checking for other mods, cars from japan can seem standard but have things like ecu remaps etc.

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thanks for the reply dawesy il check for other mods it does have a hks fcd.I dnt knw it was ther untill a few months ago was behind the dash for sum tym ive owned the car for 2 years now guess ur ryt.. il keep n eye out for other mods.. thanks agen

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