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Hilux Invincible

Nigel Bayley

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I have a 2007 Hilux Invincible automatic which was my company vehicle and I purchased to take to France to use when I am there. This was the second Hilux I had had as a company vehicle and I am on my third now. All I really have had to do is fill them with fuel and put some tyres on evry now and again, pretty much bomb proof. I took it out to France in July this year and have been battling with the French authorities to get it onto French plates, but that is another story.

In September a yellow warning light on the tachometer dial the shape of an engine block. At the same time, but not all the time the gear change on the auto is very jerky. Stop the vehicle then start is again and the gear change is fine. It makes no difference if the gearbox is cold or hot. We had the vehicle hooked up to a computer and it came up with a fault code of Code P2716 pressure control solenoid D electrical fault - TFP unit. I have asked our local Toyota dealer what the code means and they have said that in the past they have had 2 vehicles with that code, one had some replacement parts fitted and the other a new gearbox. I have tried Toyota GB, Toyota Europe, the local Toyota agent in France who said it will be fine to drive as long as the light is yellow, but if it turn red stop and we will recover you. The jerky gear changes they said was down to changing gear to fast!!! It has been said that the French do not understand automatics.

Last Tuesday driving to Limoges airport another yellow light came on just above the fuel gauge. The icon is in the shape of a fuel pump with 2 dashed lines underneath. The handbook said the fuel filter may need changing and water may need draining from the filter bowl. The vehicle had its 50,000 mile service before it went to France and it has only done 4,000 miles since. When I got to the airport I drained out about half a pint of fuel from the filter bowl and it was clean, no water or white gundge, but the light remains on.

So, has anyone got any ideas about the gearbox or how to reset the fuel filter light.


Nigel Bayley

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