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Do You Remember Toyodiy


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Looks like a lot of the American model market, not as good as ToyoDIY but will have it's uses for owners with American vehicles

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Nice Find :thumbsup:

Now, just from a hypothetical point of view, I wonder what would happen if you downloaded this lot? :g:


Well for a start, I suspect it might take quite a while to download, particularly using the "free option".

I wonder if it has any nasty viruses attached? You know, I'm inclined to think there may not be any. ;).

I bet it takes up quiet a bit of disk space once installed. What would you think? Say about 15GB? reasonable?

Do you think it contains every Toyota and Lexus VIN up to May this year? Well we could be hopeful! :).

I wonder what it looks like running? :g:. I did a few quick artists impressions of what I think it might look like. ;) What do you think?




It might even run under "wine" in linux, if you are into that sort of thing. :yes:

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I run an older version of the EPC on my system here. My Version doesn't cover the latest cars or the Lexus ones, but as I don't have either parked outside it doesn't matter !

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Evening all,just opened the OPs link to see what held on my rear bumper for when the weather/conditions improve and although most parts are handed the bumper L&R have the same number!

Sack the proof reader or is it just sods law?


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Thats probably coz the parts are the same and not handed :lol:

It is the latest version, EPC 2, but not sure how often they would update the discs, we get monthly updates, I doubt the site would update that often

What is the link above? It is blocked on my works PC :angry:

Kingo :thumbsup:

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