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57 Reg Aygo Front Bumper Inserts

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Hi, Cause of a little slip in the ice / snow i have scraped the passenger side front bumper insert (luckily only the insert and not the bumper), are these easy to remove as i have some matching paint from when i painted my rev counter cowling.....Cheers in advance ...Colin

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Hi Colin.

They just ease out.

I would get the bumper nice and warm first,

you can see the rear of the inserts somewhere in this thread.

Hard to describe but I'll have a go.

The TOP clips go into holes in the bumper and spring "upwards" to lock into the

slots in the bumper. The clips are roughtly the shape of an old door latch,

with a slope, then a drop so that when they are in the slot, they spring upwards with the

bumper edge going down behind a little triangle into a slot.

So at the top edge, you need to pull the insert downward to release the latch then

pull outwards away from the car. All the bits are rounded so it isn't too brutal......apart from......

There are little skinny tabs moulded into the bumper that make the insert tabs hard to press down.

I'll try to stick a picture on this post to explain.

The bottom tabs should be pressed "upwards".



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Your a true gent Ian, many thanks for that, as i said i was very lucky it was only the insert and not the bumper. This has been added to my to do list for when the weather get a bit warmer....Cheers Colin

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