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Bye Bye All!


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its a sad day, my T sport has just been collected by its new owner,

the fuel and insurance has gotten to much so its been sold,

got £3100 for it, so its not all bad.

a huge thanks to all who has given me hints n tips over the last couple of years!!!

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aw, its a sad day when you have to get rid of a (midsize) car due to the funds :crybaby:

iam in the exact same boat as you lad, my insurance is up next week and iam thinking about not renewing it.. :crybaby: :crybaby:

well best of luck and if you get another rolla in the future come back...or just pop in anyway :thumbsup:

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gotta say that's one reason why I am glad I have the 1.4 variant.

it's not all that expensive to run all in all and still has enough "omph" for my liking :)

high five for the 1.4 lol alothop my 1.8 is draining all my money and the engine isnt built up yet :eek: :(

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