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Aftermarket Sat Nav

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I'm getting an Auris HSD next Friday, without a built-in sat nav. I could go for a unit such as the Garmin 3790T, but I don't want to attach to the screen, as it will leave a visible mark, nor do I want to stick it to the dashboard. Any other non-destructive ways to mount it, or a similar device?

Or, I could go a built-in device. Any recommendations, that fit nicely in the dash?

Or, I could get a smartphone, but again I need to mount it.

Any ideas?


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I use the tomtom beanbag mount, it sits in the center of the dash and does not move around. Did not bother with the stick-on hook that comes with it.

When not in use it fits into the center armrest storage compartment, also it is powered from the USB plug in the glove box, and the lid will still close with just the short wire showing from the glove box to the beanbag mount.

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I've just turned the Driver's side cup holder into a base for our Garmin SatNav: with the suction cup removed the holder still tucks neatly away. Haven't finished sorting the best route for the power lead but I think most of it will be tucked away in console/dashboard joints.

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