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What Can I Get?

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hi guys, i am currently selling my bmw and i am definately going to get a celica gen 7.

i will have about 1500 to spend. i am not too conserned about mileage and

ideally i want the 190.

the packs confuse me, i cant seem to find a list of what comes with the differing packs.

any way what should i expect to get for 1500?

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£1500 for a Gen7 190? You'll buy trouble :)

Find a good Gen6 GT.

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Sorry but for a 190 you need about £4k. £3k-4 on average will get you a good 140.

How many have you bought before for £1500 or viewed?

Im a firm believer that theres cheap bargains out there as I have bought and sold many.

Ive sold cars that go for 2-3k for under a k for quick sale to purchase other cars.

Yes there can be problems but the majority of problems on most bargains are simple fixes.

If he got £1500 and they sell at 3-4k and he buys one for £1500 with clutch gone,spends £2-500 on the clutch his cars worth 3-4k but then what if he not the gready kind?and his the kind like me thats happy to take a loss on a car and sells for a k believing his had his £700 worth?does that make the car a banger?

Just because you think yours is worth that money dont mean its worth half of it.

Alot of stuff on here seems negative,people ask for help and they either get sarcy replies or negative replies.

I would say make sure the engines sound,check sills,suspension and every where for rust,make sure gear box and engine is sound,pay a mechanic £50 to come with you.

Dont be scared or write offs with panel damage as there easily fixed.

Im going to look for other forums as this place is proving hard work and not what forums are for which IMO are for helping one another.

Good luck my friend,im confident that you could get a minter (example a px clearance) but I wouldnt be scared of easy fix problems,just try make sure the engines fine,gear box,clutch and hardly any rust,every thing else is cheap and enough to fix.

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£2.5k and below will get you a pre-facelift 140. EVERY 140 from 1999 to 2002 has a design issue resulting in excess Oil usage. However, not every one develops it. My 2002 140 engine, did about 120k miles before I did my 190 conversion. Regular Oil checks can help with controlling the issue. If you don't, then you will liekly get the death rattle - which means new engine!

£3-4k will get you a pre-facelift 190. These all suffer from snapping lift bolts.

Any facelift 140's or 190's are pretty sound.

This is just a guide and by what I see everyday on celica-club.co.uk with Gen 7's going up for sale.

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thanks all, special thanks to rxx,

i have done the research and the pre facelift 190's do not get the Oil problem,

and have a better looking interior if you ask me.

the lift bolts if they havent been done on a 10 year old car then theri probably pretty good,

and an easy job any way.

i have found two 190s for 1600 quid, both y reg i think and both approx 120k,

1600 is the asking price so i think i have found what i am looking for.

not scared of maintanence by any means. and at the end of the day id rather a celica that needs a

little tlc than a p reg fiesta! :)

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at the end of the day id rather a celica that needs a

little tlc than a p reg fiesta! :)

Amen to that :)

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my 2001 t sport cost me £2900 and its in amazing shape. The guy needed a quick asle as he had bought a diesel for new job and it was costing him loads to have 2 cars, so he wanted quick sale. Previously he has it on market for £4k.I spent around 2 months looking being patient. Everyone wants diesels right now, not sports cars, so there are plenty of bargains to be had!

just watch out for people selling 190's as T sports. The 190 had some problems with the lift bolts, but was fixed in the facelifted T sports (2001 onwards).

Hope this helps!

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