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Avensis 2010 With W53828 & Iphone Integration Help

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I've recently bought a 2010 Avensis tourer, with the W53828 CD/Radio (86120-05150), and would like to integrate my iphone to play music, controlling the tracks etc via the steering controls.

I previously had a Connects2 ipod kit in my 2002 Corolla, and was hoping I could use this kit on the Avensis, perhaps with a different loom/wiring it would fit the avensis, unfortunately not.

I then started looking round at the bits of kit to adapt the Avensis, and this is where the problem started, I thought that as the head unit was a couple of years old, it would be easy finding a Connects/Dension/ice kit to fit, but every time I enquired (at different suppliers), was told that the kit was either incompatible, or it may, could, possibly fit, which was not much use.

I did consider (and tried previously) a FM Transmitter solution, but was not happy with it, and of course did not have the steering controls.

So could anyone advise on which kit (if any) would work with the W53828, or suggest an alternative head unit, although I would be a little reluctant to go this route, as I'm happy with the W53828, and it does all I need (except being able to transfer my contact list from my Iphone).

Any help would be appreciated.

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