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3sfe Upgrades

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Not much. Performance comes at a cost, that is the shorter life of the engine. You'd be better off running the 3SFE into the ground and starting to build up a decent 3SGTE. The turbo units come stock on the ST185 @ 225hp and respond very well to tuning. Then again you have to weigh up the cost of a GTE against the total value of you car. If you really want to get that little bit more power from the FE then go for the cheaper mods like a pod filter, performance lead set, extractors etc. This will cause it to wear out faster though.

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I'm new to this Toyota Engine's stuff but... From what you say it sounds like your implying that the 3S-FE is somewhat shortlived...all things relative what's the average life of one? I'm having a few starting problems with mine at the minute and no-one reading Toyota Family seems to be able to shed some light on my embarressing predicament.

btw this is in a carina II not a Celica, sorry guy's :help:

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Nah the FE is a good engine, I had one in a ST182 Celica but as far as tuning goes you could pour hundreds into it and still be blitzed by a GT-Four with a tweak of a boost controller. Don't get me wrong, my 3S-FE had 150km on it and the only thing i did to the engine was plugs, Oil and filters. I had no problems at all with it. Starting is usually ignition so check that the coil is giving you a decent spark or if you have a leak through a HT lead. Toyota engines do last though, over 200km on my 3S-GTE and no worries.

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I have a 3S-GE motor in my 87 toyota celcia gt-s... no matter what i do.try with this motor... it will still run a civic home. as for your 3s-fe... best bet is to probably just find another toyota celica in that year, or like he said... get a 3s-gte motor and put it in it... as soon as i get some compression readings on my motor, i will start rebuilding it. it has over 300,000 miles on it without an overhaul... and it still will walk a civic home... shame shame shame :ffs:

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Hi, I have a 97 Liteace Noah with a 3SFE/4spd auto. No rocket ship of course, but want to get the best/most out of the motor within reason. It's done almost 325000kms / goes ok for what it is. Done the k&n pod filter install & I think it goes a bit better, especially from midrange upwards. Recently had the cambelt, water pump etc & valve stem seals done. What's a set of performance ignition leads & maybe some extractors worth, would it make much difference?


Just found it looks like you're not NZ based.

Thanks anyhoo

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I live outside of the UK & had a price query
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