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Supercharger Gasket


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Folks I have the same issue re gasket - advised by Toyota that discontinued and unable to source !!

Also told that there is no need to service the compressor? Think this is rubbish as I checked it anyway when I bought it about 11-months ago and oil needed topping up.

Can anyone help me in sourcing a. Gasket?

Mention from a member that one sourced from "Mr T" -seems to be a widely known supplier but I cannot find them? Am I being stupid?

Any help gratefully received as I need to check oil again and do not want to do without replacement gasket.

Many thanks


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Just buy a sheet of gasket paper from you're motor factors and cut one out with a craft knife, and yes you're right no longer available.

That sounds like a TOC top tip! :thumbsup:

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it may have been said before but i'm posting from my phone and it's missions to read the whole topic. but surely it can't be that difficult to make a gasket? i mean they are usually made from paper which you can buy in rolls or if it's a thread one then buy some thread?

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