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Timing Belt / Chain

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My W reg unleaded Avensis has now done 97K and I am getting itchy about having the belt or chain ( whichever ) changed. Can anyone comment on how long I might have before failure bearing in mind I don't drive harshly doing an average 12,000 a year ?



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You have note given much info about your car. We cannot help you until you give more details.

For example - If you said your car is 1.8 GLS and has the 1.8 on the front wings, and on the engine cam cover a 7AFE sticker, then it is a cambelt. Other clues are the audio is either a Sony cd radio casette or a standard cassette radio casette, depends on spec of car.

All vvti engined cars are cam chain and the diesel is belt.

The vvti's have the 'vvti' Badge on the front wings where the the old cars have 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0. Also the engine has a cover with vvti.

Your car is at the crossover point.

The belts for petrol cars are not stressed and the recommended change period is 60,000 miles or 5 years.

The chains are meant to last the life of the engine!

I hope it helps.


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