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Putting Yaris Alloys Onto Starlet


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Hi all. I'm having a nightmare from Toyota dealers trying to get all the bits I need to fit a set of new Yaris alloys to my Starlet. Now I'm fairly happy that the alloys will fit being 100 PCD and 39 offset's 5jx15's, but the issue that remains is getting a plastic center wheel cap to fit the alloys. A bit of history, the alloys set came from one of a handful of Yaris's (Yari?) that were coming in from Europe to (I think) a car supermarket. The transporter came in way over weight on a weigh bridge and the cars had to be stripped of all things that could be removed. The thing that seems to be freaking out the dealers is that the wheels have a Europe part code so they tell me, and so they are struggling to come up with suitable locking wheel nuts to fit and the plastic center hub caps - although a suitable fit is being quoted to me by an independent Toyota parts www @ £60 !!!! Which is too steep for some little bits of plastic IMO.

Even being European Yaris surely there must be standards across Toyota alloys for sizes of such things as the hub caps? It sounds very un-Toyota like to me that they would not be the same as UK Yaris alloys in that respect. But i'm new to the world of Toyota so I could well be wrong.

These are the details from the alloys:

Alloys part # is I believe 42611-0D610 Offset is 39, 15x5J, 4 x 100 stud

Much obliged to anybody who can shed some light on this for me please.


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Most Toyota dealers aren't very good with fiddly things like this as normally the centre caps come with the wheel..

I'd say PM Kingo and see if he can help, otherwise search eBay for the centre caps.

I don't know why the wheel nuts have anything to do with the wheel; As long as they fit the existing bolts and are flat-faced they'll fit, so you can probably use your existing ones and/or buy a set of flat-face security nuts that fit the starlet to go with them.

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Ok, so bolts have been acquired from a local wheel refurbisher who knew instantly and exactly what I needed - which makes a mockery of Toyota dealers who were f***ing useless (no part number = we can't help you mate). If anyone is interested to see what Yaris alloys look like then please see my gallery in my profile as there is a piccie in there.

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