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Uk Camry V6 Query

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Hi y'all

I don't know who to ask about this but I have a brand new Cat back STainless Steel OBX Exhaust system from the states. I fitted to the car thinking I'd saved a shed load of money but my dad hates it and after thinking I have saved money I am going to have to now buy a genuine Toyota Exhaust ( £500 basically..ludicrous money although I suppose the car is 13 years old )....

Who do I have to email or pay to be able to post as a for sale ad? It will literally have 100miles on it so it seems another Camry owner would appreciate it more. ALso have a complete Toyota tow bar aswell.

Could a mod email me please?

all the best to you all and i hope your camry's are running well ( we love ours and have owned 4 in total including 2 1998 v6 sports of which this is one :-) ) ...anybody wanting to exchange stories we have dealt with alot of the common problems on our car and I'd like to think I know them fairly well :-) it's the MCV20 model we own in SPort trim..though sport is purely spurious in meaning..haha

We fitted new wheels and larger tyres than standard which helped protect the alloys much better...I highly recommend you do this if you haven't already done so...235/45/17 are ok but if you have a full boot or people in the back they ever so slightly catch the rear wheel arch lip. I will be going for 225/45/17 next time we change our tyres..still offers greater protection than standard but should just about clear that wheel arch lip.

also had all our bushes and strut top mounts changed ( actually had new struts on the rear ) and also about 18 months ago the head gaskets done then 4.5l of flushing Oil run through the engine.

£800 may sound like alot of money for head gaskets on a car worth at most £1500 but compared to the depreciation on a newer car it's pennies and should give us another 10 to 12 years of trouble free motoring.,

I have noticed in it's 13th year the chassis just starting to show signs of corrosion so am going to have it re-undersealed and waxoyled by pro's.

also we were getting water leaks in the tyre well and in the 2 side wells either side...i think i have solved them...put a new boot seal on ( £58 from ToyBoata ) and the gromets that hold the sunroof drain hoses i think were the cause of the other leaks..bought new rubber grommets ( a few quid each ) and then silicone sealed them so fingers crossed that solves that problem..may help others who have had the same's been leaking on our car for years but havent rusted as i doused the wells with bilt and hamber dynax s50 ( which is a waxoyl substitute in a can that i highly recommend )....

our power steering pump has leaked since we bought the car and has on our 3 previous camrys...i think the pumps must have weak seals...i just keep an eye on it and hardly ever have to top it isn't anything to worry about....rocker cover gaskets will leak whether they are new or seems that they are of an inferior quality on the 1mz-fe ( personal experience ) but the car never uses any Oil and it almost always looks worse than it is and is nothing to worry about i find...

i do find that the car needs parking sensors...we have some fiutted and its murder to park without them..the rear view doesnt make parking easy...and the wiring for the rear fog and reverse light has a habit of fraying..if yours stops working and it isnt the bulb this is almost certainly the problem.

oh and cv boots on these cars are an absolute **^&*$*"*$£^* :-)

but they are a lovely car that seems unloved in the UK..and I think that's a shame.

Be well all




It doesnt look this clean at the mo..hahaha .. and no she is most definately NOT for sale :-)

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Hey some pics of the OBX Cat Back exhaust I no longer need and also the Towbar which was originally fitted to my car.

it adds a surprisingly beefy burble..which alas my dad didn't like..i since spent £500 on a Toyota unit so i've done my brains in on this.

The exhaust cost £250 and has only been on for 1 week/50 miles ...make me an offer...

towbar was on for about 10 years..make an offer :)




and the towbar




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