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Yaris 2005 Front Discs&pads


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Well I finally got around to doing the job,The explaination with photos posted by nrgizerbunny was very usefull,eventhough it was for a corolla.Unfortunately I didn't take any photos, as I had dirty hands,there was a cold wind blowing and it was the first time I did it and didn't feel like messing about with the camera...Anyway all went well, it took me 2 hours ,it's all very straight forward,nothing to be afraid of.I got Bosch Discs&ATE Pads,cost74 euros.the minimum thickness for Discs is 16millimeters(I was down to 14.5)It's practically as nrgizerbunny explains with 2 exeptions,one is that the caliper guide pin bolts come out only if you hold still the bush next to the dust boot useing a 17mm spanner.the other is that the Pads come out sideways(prize them out gently useing a large flat head screwdriver inserted between the Disc and the Pad)and naturally the new ones go in the same useing only yours hands this time. When the job is done remember to drive the car around a bit to bed in the brake pads.

Hope this is of use,sorry again for not haveing photos.

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