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Rav 4.1 - Battery Not Charging?

Worlds End Stu

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Hi Gang,

A few weeks ago I noticed the RAV was a bit sluggish turning over and interior lights looked a bit dim so stuck the Battery on the charger.

I've now had to do this a few times since then and now after just a few days the Battery seems to have lost its charge.

FYI - Battery was brand new in December. Only replaced it as previous owner had fitted the wrong battery and bodged it to fit !

Normally i'd suspect the charging system was at fault, but battery was stuck on charge overnight on Monday and car has only travelled about 5 miles since and this morning it was touch and go whether it would turn over.

I've never had an issue with the alarm, etc draining the battery before. Sometimes the RAV has gone for weeks without being driven and battery has always been fine.

Any ideas?

Is it possible my new battery is flakey or could something electrical have failed which is now draining it quicker?

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Suggest first thing to do is have the Battery checked by a couple of Battery suppliers.Even new ones can go duff!!

If it checks out OK look at the connections on the Battery and the end connections on the other end of both wires (earth and the lead to the solonoid) might be a good idea to check these first,as loose connections create a resistance and stops the starter getting the full voltage which would make it seem like a flat battery and you did say a bodge job had been done previously.

After that I would suspect burnt or worn contacts in the solonoid, which can either be cleaned or replaced

.**This does not mean that you have to Shell out for another starter**

Heres hoping for a cheap but sound repair.


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