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Alarm Hell


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Hi all been having problems with car alarm goes off randomly cant seem to find out why .

I was wandering if you can disable the alarm at all .

It seems if i lock the car with the key in the door were ok but if i lock with fob it maybe wait 10 20 mins then pop off at random ???

Any clues or suggestions would be welcomed plus it's good to hear from you all many thanks jon!!!

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MY 2009 Avensis alarm went off in rain, Toyota dealers know about this, an insulation piece was fitted in the roof light panel to stop it happening. Did the trick.

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With me I tried the bonnet lock with wd-40, I believe you had mentioned it before, and it worked for me, thanks for that

Otherwise, you could go to Mr T, and what I was told on the phone at the time is that they would plug the car in and see if any of the sensors have failed...you could prob get the car checked out at any independent dealer with the ability to read the car codes

In the mean time yes, locking the car with the key works as the alarm is not set that way, only when using the fob

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