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E11 Face Lift Sr Poly Bushes?


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Im wanting to replace some bushes on the back trailing arms so was thinkin get some poly ones but i cant find any! A set for the full car would be ideal.

You guys bought any poly bushes?

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Fensport would be the ones to have them, but they dont list any for our cars - so i believe that theres non on the market. They do however stock oem toyota bushing for you to replace the old :)

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You'll probably find that they are the same as the pre-facelift. All mine came from Fensport.

Ye i looked on both and there not listing them on the website for some reason..?

Were they expensive?

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I'm sure the pre -facelift and facelift rear suspension is the same. The bushes I bought from Fensport in 2009 are shown below - these fit my 1998 pre-facelift Corolla SR


I called them and asked what would fit - not everything they sell is on their website. As you can see some parts are not designated for the AE111 anyway :) but they still fit. GIve them a call and see what they say - it's got to be worth the cost of a call.


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