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Air Con Problem

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Hey All,

Got a problem with the air con - any help appreciated.

Had it on yesterday in the hot weather but it was only blowing slighty cold.

( usually run it for 10 mins a week during winter to keep the system working)

What I have found is that when on tickover at 650 rpm, when the compressor clicks in, instead of the revs going up to the usual 1200 it just moved up slightly to 800rpm ?? - it does click off a minute or two later in the normal fashion.

At the bulkhead could feel the thicker pipe getting colder and the thinner one was slightly warm.

The pollen filters ok, the air con radiator looks clear and the drive belt is sound and held in good tension.

I know low refigerant is a common problem but would that keep the rpm down like that ?

Anyone tried these diy regas kits ?



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An air con service is more than just putting gas in it, you should have the system purged, new oil and gas added, its lack of lube and use that makes the seals leak, just topping up the gas wont help long term. A proper A/C service will cost you £30-50 depending where you have it done

Kingo :thumbsup:

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