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Previa 2002 2.4 Petrol Auto Starting Problems

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Hi all,

new here, tried a search but couldn't find anything specific.

Have recently replaced spark plugs and mass airflow sensor in my Woife's previa. Generally running much better / more smoothly, appears to be using less fuel but warm / hot starting is like Russian Roulette, usually OK but sometimes it's like the engine is flooding even if you don't press the accelerator. It will then only turn over and not start until left to cool down. Can also smell the petrol which is why I think it's flooding. Also the revs are a bit up and down in neutral / park although this has improved since chaging the mass airflow sensor before which it would regularly cut out when pulling out of junctions, etc :ermm:

My Wife wants to get rid of the vehicle having lost confidence in it but I was wondering if there's anything else worth trying?

Oh, it's done just under 100,000 miles.

Please, anyone, can you help!

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Turned out to be those dreaded lambda sensors, had to have 2 of them changed and also the engine temperature sensor.

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