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Steering Wheel: Celica T23 (2000+) / Yaris (2000) Vs. Celica T20 (1994

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I have a question(s) that is bugging the hell out of me and this is the main reason I am joining you, since I've asked this on about 3 different forums and didn't get a proper answer.

I am a proud new owner of a Toyota Celica 1.8 STi (AT200, year 1998) and years have not been kind on the interior. Steering wheel is just worn out to the max. So I've gotten an idea, to mount the steering wheel of a next gen Celica T23. I've been told that the wheel fits on steering spline, but nobody was able to tell me, if airbag and horn can be connected together with 6gen celica. The steering wheel I have now is 4-spoke Celica wheel with that giant airbag in the middle.

Since this is not enough of an issue, there is that I am from Slovenia and no spare steering wheel of T23 Celica is available here, and shipping airbag from abroad gets quite complicated, since it contains explosives.

But then I found another way: we have a ton of wrecked Yarises (year 2000) with undeployed airbags, which have what looks to me exactly the same as T23 wheel is, apart from some color differences.

So here are my questions, which are bugging me:

1. Will a T23 Celica / 2000 Yaris steering wheel fit on my T20 Celica? Can airbags and horn be properly connected?

2. Is there any physical difference between T23 Celica and 2000 Yaris steering wheel? Perhaps diameter, monunting, anything like that...

Here are some pictures to support my words:

T23 Celica


2000 Yaris


and finally, kind of wheel that I currently have (not my actual wheel)


If anybody knows anything about this, please help me out

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