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hi all,

first of all i would like to say this is a very informative site....thanks

now to my probelem, i have a rav 4 d4d 04 model 104000 miles....i have the same limp problem (will not go above 3500rpm) i have read alot of the topics on this because no faults were found by toyota diagnostics

i am working through by elimination.....turbo seems good remove actuator and i can easily lift the rod up and down about 1cm... so vanes aren't sticking

vsv valve test(from this forum) all positive results except air WILL flow between E and G....

can anybody tell me if this is a problem, can it be bypassed for testing purposes

i am heading out now to clean the EGR, i will report back with my findings

in the mean time if you could answer my question it would be of great help

thanks in advance.......

EGR removed and looks clean....will clean anyway....only thing that stands out is the top port is wet and oily the bottom port is dry soot or carbon

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took the pipe off from the airbox to the turbo....tried to turn the turbo fan with my finger inside the wont move....should it? also removed the pipe from the intercooler to the turbo its full of Oil residue in both the pipe and turbo....not pooled but wet on the this a problem

about to rebuild with a very clean shiny EGR valve....

maybe the turbo only turns with the engine running?

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Welcome to the club.

The turbo should turn freely but be careful not to jam it by putting side pressure on it. You can leave the outlet pipe off and start it but don't put your finger in!!! The oily residue is normal so disregard that. You can bypass the VSV to test it.

It might also be the SCVs sticking - did you read the post?

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