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2.0 D4D Acceleration

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Looking for some advice here. I have a 2005 2.0 D4D Avensis and would like to get it to accelerate a bit quicker mainly for overtaking on the A1 going up to Scotland when trapped behind a row of trucks. It has 130,000 miles on the clock and I never had any problems it however still returns great mpg. It gets serviced every 10,000 miles by myself and it has never missed a beat. Instead of spending a fortune on a new car to get better acceleration I am thinking of spending a few hundred to it remapped. Now is this advisiable and can anyone make any recommendations

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you can't get it remapped as no one has cracked the Denso ECU.

However, you can add a piggyback box - the ones from Parts-King on here & Tunit seem well regarded.

bear in mind that this is notifiable to your ins. company & may affect your premiums.

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I have the 2.0L 09 avensis estate and I felt the same, so I bought a tuning box from diesel tuning online for £250 and it's made a hell of a difference!!! Better mpg and a lot of power aswell. It plugs directly into the fuel rail, so is easy to fit. Definately worth looking into if you do a lot of driving.


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If you would like to send me a PM, I have one of Parts King's units for this car which I was very sad to learn it would't fit a my 2011 model.

The difference is fantastic more pull from very low revs all the way through plus better fuel economy if you drive normally.

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