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Vvti 140 Crankshaft Position Sensor Location?

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Hi Guys,

Any Idea where the crankshaft position sensor is located on on the 140bhp VVTI?

I need to give mine is a clean as its a bit jittery on start up.

Cheers Guys.


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Driver's side, front side(bottom) of engine. Mounted next the main crank pulley wheel.

Loom runs to sensor on mine up between the aircon pump and the engine block, ending up at the connector into the engine bay loom on a mounting bracket coming off the engine block behind the intake manifold.

Workshop manual suggests removing all undertray, Drivers side front wheel , all of the intake manifold and all associated elements.

I managed to get at mine last weekend by just removing the right hand side undertray with the steering on full lock and then removed the altenator (and drivebelt). a bit fiddly to get at still, but A LOT easier than removing all of the intake manifold.

I should warn you though - cleaned mine untill it looked like new............

............and it didn't make a blind bit of difference...........

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