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2003 Yaris 1.0 Vvti Tspirit

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Hi, I have a 2003 Toyota Yaris 1.0vvti T Spirit, problems started initially with starting the car, it wouldn't fire after 3 - 5 attempts and then when you got going, it was spluttering a lot and then having stopped for 10 mins engine off, go to start up and it would not start again. This went on for 3 or 4 days, then we started to lose the digital rev counter display, it would flicker intermittently and the splutter returned in time with rev display flickering, lived with this for another day or so and then on my commute, the car lost power going up a hill, I pulled over, polished the Battery terminals and it started first time and it got me back home albeit still spluttering.

Took the car to a local mechanic who has had it over 4 weeks now, with no success!! He has checked all the air system for leaks, changed the air mass sensor for 3rd party and OEM part with no joy. Run diagnostics, and the only fault is a weak fuel mixture. He has checked all the fuel supply system, bench tested all injectors, bypassed the pump, allsorts and the thing is still spluttering! The rev counter flicker has been resolved with a different Battery it seems, but the car is still 'gutless' and spluttering. The last thing they have tried is to remove the ECU to send to a specialist for diagnostics on the ECU itself, they have returned after 10 days saying their equipment could not read the ECU to check it!! I'm now at a loss......would Toyota dealer be able to diagnose ECU for me or would they want the whole car? Shot in the dark I think.....

I'm getting the car back off him as he is going on holiday for 2 weeks, so need to take elsewhere, looking at other topics, could the VVT controller be a possible issue?

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