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How Much To Replace A Wheel Bearing On A Rav4? (Parts & Labour)

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I took my newly purchased 03' RAV4 to my mechanic after becoming concenred about a loud humming/droing sound constantly noticeable at anyting over 30mph (I did notice in when test driving before buying but didn't make much of it - doh!). As people on this forum suggested my mechanic thinks it is most likely a wheel bearing that will need to be reaplaced.

I just wondered if anyone could give me an idea of what I might expect to pay for a change of a wheel bearing, including parts & labour.


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He would have been a good one to ask. I seem to remember the whole hub has to be changed normally but a resourceful engineer might be able to strip it and get a bearing from a specialist. You could also try a scrapper but there is obviously some risk with that. It isn't going to be cheap whichever way he does it.

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Before you spend all that money.. Eliminate worn tyres as the source of the noise. Sometimes flat spots develop in the tread blocks and the noise replicates knackered bearings. Run your hand over the tyre, does it feel round or does it have flat facets? This type of wear is worse when the tyres have a chevron type pattern.

Swap the wheels front to back and see if the noise moves before you spend hundreds on mechanical bits.

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