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Damage After Animal Collision, Need Advice!

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Hi all,

Last Friday night, I was cruising down the motorway at around 11.30pm when I hit an animal which ran across the motorway from my right, and I went over it on my right front wheel. I think it was a hare or a fox, im not sure, it all happended so fast. There was a loud bang and then a scrapining sound so I pulled in. I couldnt see much under the car in the dark, and drove on and soon the scrapining sound stopped, after it felt like something finally broke. The next morning I had a look, and I could see that the plastic surround above the wheel which protects the wiper fluid, and some electric wires had been broken off, presumably when the animal got wrapped around the wheel a few times. I have attached some photos so you can see what I am on about.

My questions are:

1. What is the name of this part?

2. Is it necessary to get this fixed, i.e does this part of the car need protection from water/mud

Thanks guys!






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Is that the only visible damage?? Has it ruptured anything or damaged any pipelines in the area?? I would ask around for the wheel arch plastic trim from toyota and show them the pics, get the relevant info off them and then shop around to find it cheaper elsewhere, lol, also i would get the tracking looked at, if it was a big enough animal it could have knocked it out of allignment

Hope some of this helps

Regards phil

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