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I thought I would share my experience of this product.

I have a 54 Plate T2 D4D Avensis and currently have 176,000 on the clock. A work colleague mentioned something about a product that he had seen on"Wheeler Dealers". I did some research and found that the product was called Terraclean. I checked out a number of other Car forums e.g.Vauxhall, Ford, Jaguar etc...and the consensus was it worked. The only negative posts were from users who said they did'nt notice any difference. I could find nothing from any body about it ****ing up the engine etc..

Anyway, I was interested and sent Terraclean asking for my nearest garage that does this. Response was *****-poor, basically said they were too busy even to tell me that!! Bizarre.

So I found through their Facebook page the number of a guy that covers part of Shropshire and I arranged for him to come to my home and do the Terraclean on the Avensis. He charged £85 and it took just over an hour.

Ok this is what I found after the 'Clean, most of it is anecdotal:

  • Car was alot smoother, especially progressing through the gears, previously, quite lumpy
  • Acceleration was improved particularly in the low-end.
  • Engine was much quieter, previously, it sounded like a tractor, first thing in the morning.

I could definately 'feel' an improvement, ok it was still a 176,000 engine, so I was not expecting miracles. The 'Clean also claims to improve mpg, although I have no definate figures to prove this.

Another claim made by Terraclean is the improved emissions. So two weeks ago i took the car for it's MOT. The car passed by a FAST PASS, i.e on first acceleration. So I went back through the records to check the Smoke Opacity Test figures, I had kept the last 4 years worth and this is what I found

  • 4 yrs ago: Car went to third accleration with first value 1.9
  • 3 yrs ago: Car went to second accleration with first value 1.7
  • 2 yrs ago: Car passed on first acceleration value 1.48
  • 1 yr ago: Car passed on first acceleration value 1.41
  • This year: Car passed on first acceleration value 1.19

To pass the emissions test you need an average vlaue 1.5 or less over 6 accelerations ( I will let someone else explain how this works)

So my emission shave been imroving over the last 4 years, which I put down to a single clean of the EGR vale and about three cans of BG244 and numerous cans of cheap-**** Car Plan diesel treatment and some STP stuff as well.

So was it worth the money? In my case, yes. Did I detect HUGE difference? No. But I did detect a difference. Would I use it again? Yes probably.

BTW, I have no affinity to Terraclean, but if you want to check out their site goto:-

or better still check out other Car User Forums to get their experiences

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