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Harichs Gaahl Kriegdeblitz

Carina 2.0 3Sfe Vs Celica 2.0 3Sfe. What's The Difference?!

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I have a Carina E estate, with a 2.0 3SFE. It's sitting on the drive and no one is using it and sometime soon it's going to the scrap. I want to learn how to tune engine's and whatnot, so I might as well do it on there before it get's replaced by something shiny.

The Celica ST202 and the Carina E have the same engine, and I want to know what the difference between both cars are. I know that parts can be interchanged between an ST202 Celica, and a Carina (Suspension, brakes etc...). But mainly I need to know about the engine. Is the compression different? Are the came different?! What I want to try and do is "bolt on" an inlet manifold and throttle body from an ST202 into a Carina E. Would this actually work or will I blow my engine lol.

I found a throttle body and inlet manifold on eBay but I want to know whether it will actually work without blowing my engine or whatever. Seriously, this is grinding my f****** brains out so please help lols.


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