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Auris 1.6 Tr Engine Noise


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I bought a 59 plate Auris about 3 weeks ago, when the car is idling the engine makes more noise than i would expect. i'm not sure if it did this when i bought it but i only noticed it recently. The noise is a bit like a really quiet diesel engine (much quieter). Can anyone tell me if this is normal?


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It might be the vacuum pump and if it is its normal.

Way to tell is:

Open the bonnet and take off the plastic head cover (just lifts off)

Facing the engine bay on the right hand side you'll see two components attached to the side of the cylinder head. The front one has a !Removed! big electrical connection on it with a black plastic cap on the end. The rear one (under a black plastic moulded piece of wire harness) is the vacuum pump.

There is a curved hose comes out of the top (underneath the front sill) then u-turns back on itself if you disconnect that hose with the engine running you'll notice the noise change if its the vacuum pump. Reconnect it and the noise should come back.

Make sure you reconnect it though since you'll end up with no brake servo if you aren't careful

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