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Our Poor Starlet


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Hej, Our 91 Starlet was vandalized by some thugs the other night

They broke off the two front windscreen wiper arms.

I have sourced replacments from a scrap-dealer. However, I am not sure how to fit them.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Cheers from Ireland

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Ooh, a first Poster. .... Hi, welcome and sorry to hear that your car has been attacked.

Don't know if the Starlet wipers fit in the same way as my Sera ones though.

Try posting the question in the Paseo/Sera/Starlet GTT section. Loads of Starlet owners hang out there. I'm sure someone will know the answer.


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There should be a plastic cap on the bottom of the arm,where it mounts onto the scuttle panel.

Remove the cap and you should see a 12mm headed nut - take this off and lift the wiper arm up (as if you are cleaning the windscreen).

Rock the wiper arm gently side to side to release it from the tapered spline of the wiper pivot.


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