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Heavy Oil Use Poorly D4D 2001

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Hi All

Have problems with my 2001 RAV D4D.

In the morning and after being stood for a bit I get a big puff off blue smoke on starting. This tends to clear after 20 secs or so and everything is fine.

Its always used a bit of Oil but its starting to get silly 1 litre in last 150 -200 miles.

So my blue smoke has to be Oil as i have no leaks and coolant is fine.

Im thinking valve stem Oil seals but ive heard Ravs have dodgy piston rings?

Done 125 k miles.

Anyone help me out please.

Another problem which i doubt is connected is it failing to start after a medium journey. Say around 12 miles to band q. Get out to buy something come back after 10 15 mins and its like Battery is flat. Leave it and go and have a brew and it starts.

No problems in the am or after lengthy journey or being stood for an hour or more.


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Can't really help you on the longetivity of the diesel engine altho 125k is not a lot.

Would a compression test perhaps indicate if theres a problem? You can get these done at a non-dealer cheaply I'd think. I didn't see where you are based but up here theres a good garage I use for this sort of stuff.

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The dodgy piston rings didn't apply to your model. That doesn't mean they can't be worn. Take the pipe off the intercooler and see if the inside is wet with Oil. It could be the turbo seal has gone. Not good news but better than piston rings.

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