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Let There Be Light

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Nick! You must be a mind reader!

This morning, I started loading stuff in the car and thought, I could do with more light and viola! Not too shabby for £2.60 too. Might grab a couple, if one is bright enough, I can use the other for my 'walk in wardrobe'.

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Maplin sell a lot of Rolson items. Mabe they sell them


Very true .... but at £2.30 with free delivery it's hardly worth starting the iQ to make the trip!

These work very well indeed. Only minor issue is if you leave it in situ it does rattle a bit. I'm sure a bit of carefully stuck foam will sort that out. Failing that I just keep it "handy" in the boot and hook it on when needed.

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Seen things like this in the 99p shop. Can it be fixed up successfully, given that it is magnetic?

maybe something similar as there are many like this available. But this is Very well made, includes the batteries and has an integral hook - which allows it to be fixed in the boot area of the iQ as my picture shows.

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I also used mine this morning when filling up the washer bottle in the dark. It lit up the engine bay like it was daylight!

Is there no end to the fun you can have for £2.60 ?

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