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Rav4 Purchase

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Hi, my name is Rob and i've just joined the forum via my Facebook link.

About four weeks ago we purchased a 2006 Rav4 2.2 XT3 from Ron Brooks Toyota at Mansfield,the reason we bought the Rav was to pull our Caravan.The Rav comes with the Toyota warranty in the purchase price, this ends October 2013.

We are very happy with the Rav but are not sure if the Gears and suspension are as they should be (gears clunk and suspension stiff with Caravan in tow) we need to compare with a similar Rav if possible.

We live in Leek in Staffordshire, this is central to Buxton,Ashbourne,and Macclesfield, if anyone will meet up to compare Ravs.

Many thanks Rob

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Hello Rob and welcome to the forum :thumbsup:

Many folk complain of a clunky change from first to second gear on the earlier 4.3s - there is a bit of a knack to getting a smooth change. Do you find it clunky between other gears?

As for stiff suspension, never towed with my RAV [and don't intend to] so can't really help there but would spring assissters be an option.

Not wishing to put others on the spot but might be worth waiting for our murderator, Anchorman, and our almost ex jokemeister, Local Hero to look in. Other tow experts are available............

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Hi Rob and welcome.I have towed all over France with no problems.I have fitted spring assister's to help.As Davrav says 1st to 2nd gear change can be a bit clunky,but I find it gets easier when warmed up.when towing I get about 30 MPG and will drive well in 5th gear and only use 6th when on the flat.


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You are welcome to come and ride in my RAV - just pm me to say when.

A better comparison might be Bramly who is Nottingham way. She has a 2006 RAV so you can compare apples with apples. Send her a pm and see what she says.

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Hi Doosan and Davrav

Thanks for the replies. Will definitely be looking into spring assister's, as it does tend to feel quite bumpy when towing with the caravan, but overall we are very pleased with the towing performance. Previously, we towed with a Merc Vito, which was a brilliant towing vehicle, but we were rather limited on where we were allowed to stay, because of the "traveller" association, lol

Will just have to get used to the 1st and 2nd gears being clunky - my wife has adapted far better to this at present, lol :blow:

We are not too concerned at the moment, as we have the assurance of the 12 month Toyota warranty. Just want to get out there and enjoy the rav - think it will definitely come into its own when the snow arrives!

Regards Rob


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