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Please can someone let me know what bulbs to get for the dash and console for a 98 avensis 1.8GS

i have done a search but there is so many different ones out there :unsure: seeing as i will be taking the dash out i would rather replace the whole lot ( maybe to led ?)

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any bulb on the centre console are these tiny capless bulbs about the size of a tic-tac ..they're cheap even from the main dealer but dont really come in LED ..the ones in the clocks however (as in rev-clock, odometer etc.) are standard 5w capless bulbs and and there's only 4/6 of them depending on the model.....those ones do come in LED but not from the main dealer, just ebay "5w capless LED" and you'll get loads of results, normally just a few euro a pair !! hope that helps !!! .......btw if you are getting LED ones though i would avoid blue as it changes the colour of the red on your rev-clock, i had it before and it drove me mad after a while !!!

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