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Corolla Gearbox Problem

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I'm having problems with my 06 Corolla gearbox with 86k miles. The problem is when Im changing gear it feels very tight going in and out of gear and moving the stick from side to side. I have a feeling its the selector cables im just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or if its a common fault or maybe theres something else to check? If it is the cables can anyone recommend where to get them from or is it a dealer only part?



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Think replacing the cables is a difficult task, before you even consider that its probably worth lubricating all the linkages.

In the rear of the engine bay you can see where the cable covers terminate to the metal links.

Its easy to remove the centre console trim to give access to the gear lever base.

Give them all a spray of white grease ( rubber/plastic safe) and move the gear lever to help work the grease in, or use some thinner Oil if you can avoid getting it on the rubber parts.

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