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Iphone 5 Touch & Go Problem.

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Since I got my new iPhone 5, a problem seems to be when people try and call me in the car and I hit the steering wheel connect button, or the connect button on the screen in the car. It connects,but neither I or the caller can hear each other. I have to physicaly pick up the iPhone, where it says it's connected to touch and go, but nothing is coming through. I then have to swich to iPhone (on the iphone), then back to touch and go, and then I can hear the other person, and they can hear me. Making a call works fine. It just receiving a call that doesn't work. Anyone ?

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Did you have a previous iPhone and did you just restored the data to the iPhone 5 ? If so , i would suggest to remove the bluetooth profile and re-pair the iPhone 5 back to the Touch & Go.

Also it might be worth updating the Touch & Go to version 1.7.4 if you dont have that version already.

If you need a guide on how to do this , please see my post below which was posted on another forum ;)


Good Luck

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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of your phone?

I've stated using a Samsung mobile recently, it was my Mum's but she found it hard to use so I swapped her and gave her my Motorola (which was great). Ha ha now I want to swap back, the Samsung doesn't have the best bluetooth connection. Sometimes it connects up automatically then other times I have to manually connected it through the menu on the phone. I contacted Samsung and they suggested a possible solution. Then they told me there is a fault on the phone and to bring it to a service centre, but there are none in NI so I'll probably have to send it to them.

Anyway here's the fix they offered -

"The issue is usually due to how the Android OS communicates with bluetooth. Android software is Open Source, but bluetooth profiles are not, which means the Android OS doesn't use the same profiles that are required for a lot of cars.

The most common bluetooth profile that car manufacturers use is called ‘rSAP’, but unfortunately Android does not support this profile at this time.

This means that car communication may be hard to achieve since this profile is designed to allow full control of the phone through another bluetooth device.

Please try the following process, as sometimes it will make an improvement on the connection, depending on which profile your car uses:

1) Turn on bluetooth

2) Go to Settings > Applications > Running Services > Look for ‘Bluetooth share’ (there should be at least two) and select the first one

3) Under ‘Services’ at the top of the screen it should read ‘BluetoothPbapService’, if it says this, please select ‘Stop’, if it says something different, try the next ‘Bluetooth share’ under Running Services

All our phones support bluetooth profiles, so this process will attempt to stop the Android OS controlling the bluetooth and allow the device to control it instead.

This will need to be performed every time bluetooth is connected to your car. If this does not work then the issue may be addressed in a future Android OS firmware update."

Then Samsung told me its a fault on my phone but the above might be of use to someone.

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