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New Wheel Sizes?

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Hi All

I recently developed a slow puncture in one of my iQ3 tyres and on inspection found a split in the tread that isn't repairable.

All the tyres are between 3 and 4 mm left on them so not long really before they need replacing so I have a dilema.

1: Stay with the standard wheels that I like and get new tyres in 16" size but probably not in the standard size of 175/60 16 as tyre choices are very limited.

I'd go for Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres as I like them and have them fitted on my other car and you can get them in 195/55 16 which is only 20mm wider and 4mm bigger diameter.

To do this will cost about £432 including fitting for all 4.

2: Change the wheels and go up to 17" as there are some attractive packages out there. Would still like the same tyres though so probably won't be a cheaper option.

Question is for the people that have changed their wheels, what size did you go for? Wheel size, width and offset if known and was there any clearance issues with the car?

Pictures are welcome too. :)



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Depends on where you do most of your driving? As mine is mostly in the city which is full of pot holes and other nasties I'd want as much sidewall as possible, which will be why I move from 15's to 16's at most. If you're lucky and have nice silky smooth roads around you then 17's shouldn't be much of an issue, but at the end of the day it's your choice. :)


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These are my 17" http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/17_Inch_Calibre_Calibre_Pro_7_Black_Alloy_Wheels__1932

That website will tell you what wheel tyre combinations will fit you car, I also have lowering springs fitted and have no problems with clearance.

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Thanks chaps.

Had a lucky break in that I found a tyre dealer on ebay that was advertising a single one of the original Bridgstone tyres. Apparently he ordered it in for someone who then never returned so he wanted it out the way as iQ3's don't drop in that often apparently and he didn't know of any other cars using this size!

Got it for £40 delivered so I'll fit that and run through the winter then think about a full set of new ones next summer once the others have worn away a bit more. They still have a few thousand miles left in them I reckon.

The size is an important consideration. I drive on small, country lanes mostly and can only assume that this damage has come from these types of road so maybe sticking with the 16" size or going up to 17" at the most would be sensible. I just want something wider really, the standard 175's do look a bit narrow.

Keep the ideas coming though, Always good to hear what people have done and it will help me make a decision when the time comes. :)

If anyone has or knows of wheels and tyres for sale, let me know.


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