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Corolla Tsport Starting Problems

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Hi all,

During the last 2 years (right when the 5 year warranty expired), my TS has been experiencing some "ugly" problems when starting it, although it has become worse during the last 6 months. No matter hot or cold start, but it is a lot more usual when the engine is cold. The thing is that the starting motor works but the engine will start after a few attempts (sometimes even 10 or more attempts!!). I am afraid it will be the ECU, as my symptoms are identical to the ones described in this video:

I know it is an American Corolla and has little to do with the European model, but as I have said, I have exactly the same problem. This is, when the orange Check Engine led is not on, the engine will not start (pretty obvious). This guy had to replace his ECU (luckily covered Toyota's warranty).

At Toyota they say they have not found anything wrong. Perhaps they just plugged in their diagnostic system and no error code appears. That is true, as I have checked with an OBDII interface and there are no errors logged. Also, the ECU stores an error code when this light is on and the engine is working, for example. In my case (light does not turn on), there are no error codes at all.

I will soon be taking it to Toyota again for its yearly inspection (Oil change, etc.) and will let them know again about this. Also, I have the contact of a former Toyota worker, who knows the 2ZZ-GE very well and now has his own garage, just in case. I will try to keep you posted, although I fear a really expensive problem (ECU to be replaced). It could be that, or a stupid sensor reading something strange and making the ECU crazy. By the way, I left the car with both Battery cables unplugged for two days and it went fine, but problem came back after a couple of weeks. I have also tried with another key and no good news either...

Of course, if somebody else has experienced something like this, any suggestions or comments will be more than welcome.


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Thanks for your reply! I think I'll be able to locate the MAF sensor... About the other, do you mean throttle sensor? If so, where can I find it?

Spark plugs should be alright. Did not mention it, but they were replaced a year ago, so the problem is there with old and new ones.

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We have a diagnostic and it is the ECU :angry: . Now I have to think if I just get it replaced at Toyota or buy one from a write-off. In that case, does anybody know if a Celica TSport's ECU will be valid for my Corolla? I know the engine is the same, but what about the electronics?

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