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Bye Bye Rex, Hello Spot

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We have had Rex (IQ1) for two and a half years and he has been lovely.


However, we fell in love with the idea of an IQ2 with the revised interior. So Spot arrived on Friday, and was immediately submitted to a coat of Black Hole Glaze followed by a coat of Dodo Juice Wax, before he was allowed out on the salty roads.

Here's Rex and Spot getting acquainted at Mr T's local emporium



And here's Spot after a good seeing to with the glaze and wax




So far the ride seems softer but still with great grip, the seats are more comfortable, and the new interior appears streets ahead of the old. All the bells and whistles on the IQ2 seem to add something to the ownership experience after the IQ1, although the auto lights and wipers do not really interest us.

Going from silver to black makes you realise how quickly the IQ gets dirty, but we already have a black car so know what we are in for.

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Very nice indeed, it is good to see people stick with an iQ one after the other. Your shine looks sooo Deeeep, that is one thing I miss with the white. Although it sparkles in the sun, you don't get that deep gloss.

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Thank you. First time I have done a new car as soon as I got it home, as it was shiny when it left the showroom, but my buddy Ron, who is a detailer, suggested the Black Hole before the wax, to give a good "wet shine". Needless to say I was pleased!!

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