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Upgrading The "big 3"

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I'm getting ready for the new audio system installation so I decided it was time to upgrade the "Big Three". I ran 0 gauge wire from the alternator to the Battery and from the negative Battery post to the engine and body ground points. The stock Scion wire is really small and doesn't allow for as much current to be passed as I'll need with all the amps installed. By adding the 0 gauge wire it gives a much larger path for the power to run through. My grounding point is also a more solid point than the stock location. From the factory the ground lead connects to a bridge piece above the strut on the driver side. It has to rely on the strength of the weld to flow to the body. I used a grounding point that is on the main body and makes contact directly without any welds. This will provide a path with my less resistance than the stock.

Here are pictures of the stock wire connections...

The alternator...


The body ground...


And the engine block (this location is fine and is where I connected my new 0 gauge wire)...


Some of the tools required to solder the new 0 gauge connectors to the wires...


The new 0 gauge wire from the alternator to the Battery...



The new 0 gauge ground wire from the Battery to the strut tower...




And the completed project...


I've done this to several of my cars that have had high performance audio systems and it really makes a big difference. More power to the amps means better sound and no dimming of the headlights.

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Nice one, you even got one in a white box to match the car. I think the only space you'll have left will be up on the roof lining inside the back over the rear seats, or would it invade the space taken by the aerial? Of course, you just know after having it fitted you'll have to fit the Mr. Fusion 'blender!'




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