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Sold Auris... Quick Review

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Sold my Auris a week ago, have to say one of the most reliable car I ever owned.

Other than the usual service items Oil & filters brake disc & pads didnt cost me a penny.

Cleaned the EGR Valve twice in 20k miles as it clogged first at 59k then 72k sold it at 79k. Was kind of worried with the new model coming out the value would drop & mileage getting higher found a low mileage civic only done 48k better resale cost for future.

MPG Local

Summer - 38-39

Winter - 35-36

Motorway - 45-50 possible

£40 would get 220 miles

Mods: HID kit as the standard lighting was poor.

Brakes: annoying squeal,& steering wheel clonk

Handling: 5/5 never once had understeer or felt bodyroll

3 MOT straight pass

Interior spacious but can be bland compared to other rivals IMO.

New car is a civic 2.2 I-CDTI hope it holds up as well as the Auris, better toys Sat nav, bluetooth, cruise control, climate control, etc & seems more refined & fairly decent mid range power. Currently averaging 39MPG local thats winter.

Would like to say on a final note this forum has been helpful & supportive, Thanks for all your responses in the past. Take it easy!

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Hope all goes well with the new motor. Just keep a keen eye on the Oil level (As they are known for drinking the stuff) and the exhaust manifold as they can crack! But otherwise they are a lovely car. My brother-in-law has the 4x4 with the same engine...

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The other car I was looking at before deciding on the Auris was the model you've just bought. I only really chose against the Honda because it was another £1500 for the same model year !

Good luck with it :)

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It became obvious when the EGR is clogged.

No engine lights or warnings

Flat spot around 2000rpm around 2300rpm & all of a sudden would boost hard rather than smoothly

Excessive soot on acceleration

Inspection of EGR valve revealed a clogged EGR valve

This was after using Shell fuel & mixed motorway & local miles as well as occasionaly driven hard when safe to do so to prevent build up. Seems like a design fault or a common problem if ignored will cause head

gasket failure due to carbon build up on the pistons. Maintenance is the key.

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