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2008 Tourer Rear Light Units "fill" With Water

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I had one replaced under warranty when it started to "fill" with water after a period of heavy rain. The other side has now developed the same fault. I don't know if I should see if I can get a small goldfish to make use of this water feature or try to find a solution!

Frustratingly light units are one of the exclusions under the T extended warranty and the T dealers won't replace without an extended look see in the workshops to estrablisht5he cause (it was the same with the last one - it seems T won't let them be replaced without a thorough investigation.)

Does anyone know if this a common issue?

If so, is the problem with a seal/leak on the light unit itself? Or is it a seal between the light unit and the body that allows water in?

Faced with uncertainty over the potential cost if T won't cover it as a goodwill guesture, I'm inclined to try a DIY repair with some silicone sealant if that is practical.

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I had the same problem. I drilled a 2mm hole in the bottom edge of each unit so the water drains down the bumper under the tailgate. No problem since.


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Thanks Colin, That might be the more reliable solution than trying to seal it.

I see there have been a number of views, but no other responses, so we must be the unlucky minority!



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