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Ok here goes I just bought a 1993 1.3l XLI engine 2e-e starlet as a project to turn it into a racer and I can't seem to find any manuals / repair guides anywhere. I am specifically looking for torque specifications for cylinder head, valve cover etc.

Also I was just wondering has anyone done any efi to carb conversions and if so I have a few very noobie questions.

Firstly I can only put on a production carb as per the club rulebook and I was wondering will I be able to get any carb from any car or will I be better to stick with toyota one's and maybe pick one up from the scrap yard. I was looking at taking one off a 1 litre starlet as I heard they work well with the 1.3l.

Secondly I can't seem to find parts anywhere and I need to know where to get inlet manifold and also a carb distributor. Is it possible to get these again from scrapyard from other starlets?

Anyway would appreciate any and all advice I can get and thanks.


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