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Locked Out Of Car 2 !

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It happened again this morning (not for a while) but finally got in after hundreds of presses. Was parked nearer the house again so it must be my wireless alarm as suspected.

Also found something else out. If the deadlocks are on then the metal key inside the fob will not open the door. If the car is locked without applying the deadlocks then the metal key opens the door. Should the key open the doors with the deadlocks applied? If their a special way to open the door with the key if the deadlocks are applied?

I tried the doors again once i arrived at work. Made sure (as far as i could see) that nothing was interfering (mobile phone etc). Key fob worked fine, but i have the same issue with the metal key. Car just locked, metal key works, apply deadlocks metal key does not work.

Any ideas?


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