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*a Quick Heater Control Question*

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Just a quick one, i'll try to explain it best i can...

For those of you that have the facelift e12 Rollas with the electronic heater controls...

You know how you have the 2 switches FRONT and REAR, okay so when you press FRONT and the green light illuminates...okay...now can you then select via the mode button that you want hot air to your windscreen and feet and YET the green light still remains illuminated or does this light then switch off?

I hope it makes sense,i've removed my centre console so many times i'm worried i migt have damaged something lol, it doesn't seem to want to remember my settings everytime i get back onto the car either!

Thanks :gora:

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Hi Sammy,

I don't go out in this freezing rain to test my car for just anyone you know ! :fireman:

As you say, when you press the front button the air con light come on and there are no 'mode' icons on the display.

As soon as you hit the mode button, the mode icons return and both the aircon and front button lights go off.

The rear screen / wing mirror heaters stay on, unaffected by anything else.

Sounds as if yours is still ok. :clap:

Not got that bigger car yet ?

Your friend got her sat nav sorted ??

Edit - should just say that if you had the a/c green light on before you hit the Front then when you hit Mode the Front goes off but the green Aircon stays on.

The comment about not remembering the mode when you get back in.

Mine seems to remember ok, but seem sure at one time I was aware it hadn't rembered it and had to re-select when I got back in.

Perhaps its got to learn your mode or if you change the mode a lot it gives up ??

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THANKS Oldcodger...i'm so sorry for making you go out in this freezing rain...means a lot to me...lol :blush:

i'll have to re-read your thread to try and digest it lol...but it makes sense...i'm popping outside quickly to see if i'm imagining things!

Oh the bigger ride, we're still looking, i'll know the right one when it come's along...has to have 7 seats...and because i'll be loosing the sporty looks i want leather and a sat navvy...and what the hell...a panoramic roof too!!! We're in no hurry just yet. :Jumpy:

(And oh yes my matey with her sat nav, all installed and working ok as far as i know)

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